Entry #10

Comic Con '09

2009-07-28 00:07:21 by sirevil

so that was a fun few days i had, took the train down, hung with some NG people, raid a scientology org with some anons, and took over 600 photos. but one thing i don't do is post them all because you only want to post up the best of them.... but anywho here they are, enjoy

http://picasaweb.google.com/thesteelsh ark/ComicCon09

and also posted on my site http://thesteelshark.com/?p=882

Comic Con '09


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2009-07-29 21:04:47

didn't know you guys did a group shot :c

sirevil responds:

yeah, i tricked them all into doing that


2009-07-30 00:49:42

Man, please tell me there's a better group shot out there. I'm totally sideways

(Updated ) sirevil responds:

edit: uploaded 2 more group shots


2009-07-30 04:04:04

hey im that guy who said fuck you for sneakin a kiss to that asian chick how the hell did you do that

sirevil responds:

the one looking to go clubbing after the party was over? i asked if i can have a hug then i kissed her on the cheek, no fear, no regrets


2009-07-30 04:52:18

holy cow i never knew that building was church of sientology, and u kinda look like black hair'd david spade

sirevil responds:

and its for sale... also, david spade? gah...


2009-07-30 20:46:37

i stole some of your photos and putting em in the ng photo collection. i hope youre fine with dat.

sirevil responds:

feel free to use